Puffer is a Social Media Companion

"With so many Social Networks in the sea, PufferTool makes Content Managment easy for me"

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Puffer is Built with Automation in Mind

Does your social media marketing have goals? While many businesses just jump in with the assumption they’ll figure it out later, they miss out on critical steps or can miss the mark. Puffer is here to help plan your content in advance to align your campaigns.

Calendar Schedule Overview

Aren't you sick of those linear lists of your scheduled content? Puffer allows you to have a overview of the whole month.

Launch your marketing campaigns

With a wide array of syndication platforms, Puffer allows you to "connect" your social accounts and choose date / time / hour / second.

Media Library

Are you sick of posting something then having to scroll back through your timeline or profile to find the image? Well Puffer allows for you to store your post media. No more looking back, only looking forward!

Save Time!

No Longer will you have to click from one panel to another to schedule content. Choose your date, time and network or network(s) and add it to your Puffer Schedule!

Supported Networks

Syndicate your content & Get it out there - the right way!
Puffer is here to remove the irritating part of content planning.


Choose your board, choose your content and schedule your content!


Choose your page or personal profile and schedule your content!


Choose your profile of choice and connect it securely then schedule!


Choose your profile or profile(s) and connect then schedule!


Upload and Store Files to your Puffer Media Library


Upload Videos to your Puffer Media Library (Coming Soon)


Add your links, let the networks do the rest (Coming Soon)

Pricing & Plans

We've been told we're reasonable! We sure do beat our competitors pricing!

PufferTool testimonials

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PufferTool is a all-in-one social media planning system

The best solution for managing your content calendar.

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